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Target Rifle

The original competition shooting discipline and the best suited to developing the all round skills of a true marksman.  Variations of this event may be shot from the standing, kneeling and prone position at circular targets at a variety of distances.

Target rifle events are generally considered to be the formula one equivalent of the rifle shooting world.  To achieve high scores in target rifle the shooter will not only require sound equipment and ammunition, but will need to mentally and physically master the full array of shooting skills until they become second nature.

The rifles used are .22 calibre target rifles with peep sights.  A target rifle consists of a heavy match barrel, single-shot bolt action and match trigger.  This is bedded in a target rifle stock traditionally made from timber but in more recent times made from aluminium to increase the level of adjustment possible to fit the rifle to the shooters body.

In Australia the most popular target rifle event is the 50m Prone match.  This event is shot from the prone position at a target situated at distance of 50m with a central bulls eye of only 10.4mm in diameter.  A time limit of 75 minutes is given to fire sighting shots followed by 60 scoring shots.

Events with targets at other distances such as 20m and 90m are also popular at ranges around Australia.

For the very dedicated technician who masters prone, a Three Position (3P) match is also available.  In 3P a series of either 20 or 40 shots is repeated from the standing, kneeling and prone positions.

Target Rifle is an ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) discipline and it is contested at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.